Why DTA Global Reach

DTA Global Reach works with your organization as your “virtual” business development team to develop and grow your presence in global markets with low-risk, minimal cost, high-return, and in the least amount of time.  Our focus is on creating new and profitable revenue opportunities and partnerships in the shortest amount time possible.

Our global team of business development professionals aren’t the new kids on the block.  We have over 100 years of collective experience in the IT industry building successful companies through OEM and strategic partnerships.  Our experience, relationships, and knowledge will allow your organization to expand and grow faster and with smaller investment.  Our relationships spread across major hardware, software, xPSs, mobile operators, and cloud solution providers (SaaS) in the America’s, APAC, and EMEA regions.

Equally important, you organization can leverage DTA Global Reach’s existing global infrasture.  DTA Global Reach global infrastructure of professional executives, offices, communication, and professional contacts becomes your organization’s infrastructure at minimal cost.  With DTA Global Reach you don’t have to worry about signing office leases, telephone systems, internet access, paying salaries and overhead expenses, or employment taxes, and where possible travel expenses are also split between our clients, which also helps keep costs down.

You don’t outsource to DTA Global Reach, you partner with DTA Global Reach.What’s the difference?  There is little relationship when outsourcing.  When partnering, we become part of your team.  As a partner, we focus on and become fully invested in your company.   In many respects, we become a “virtual” employee of your organization and will to use our entrepreneurial drive to build and develop your organization into the next “great thing.”

Our team of professionals have cultivated, developed, negotiated, and managed over 200 profitable partnerships with some of the industries leading organizations, including Cisco, Sophos, Vodafone, Western Digital, Dell, HP, and Trend Micro to name a few.  Our vast network of contacts and business relationships immediately get accessed on your behalf.

As part of your team, we can assist in:

  1. Building OEM, channel, and strategic partnerships in the Americas, APAC, and EMEA region.
  2. Productizing your technology and/or solutions.
  3. Localization (collateral, presentations, marketing, sales tools, support materials, and/or products).
  4. Specializing sales and marketing specific to the OEM market.
  5. Development of marketing and lead generation programs.
  6. Negotiate licensing/partnership agreements.
  7. Establishing a profitable OEM and business partnership program.
  8. Establishing a “local presence” in key global markets literally overnight (human resources, physical location, telephone number, etc.).
  9. Scaled costs; reduced cost of entry.
  10. Executing on a proven model and process.
  11. Grow your organization from a “virtual presence” to “full presence” as needed.