Strategic Partnership / Eco-System Development

A critical part of any organizations financial success is not just creating great technology with a competitive advantage, or developing successful sales channels, but is developing key strategic partnerships.

The challenge in developing these strategic partnerships goes beyond recognizing the right potential partners, having the right contacts, knowing how to position your organization in partnership discussions, or properly negotiating a partnership.  The challenge is keeping your organization focused on developing great technology and maximizing existing revenue streams while implement a strategic partnership strategy.

So often organizations, and the employees within those organizations, get side-tracked in developing strategic partnerships.  DTA Global Reach, with our global connections, can become your organizations “virtual team” for developing successful strategic partnerships, while the rest of your organization focuses on their core areas of responsibility.

DTA Global Reach can help your organization develop:

  1. Key OEM partnerships.
  2. Key Channel partnerships in new geographic markets.
  3. Strategic partnerships to compliment your product-set.
  4. ISV/IHV programs that build-out a full eco-system for your product-set.
  5. Inbound technology licensing strategies (including locating technology, evaluating and studying technology, select the correct technology for your needs, negotiating and relationship management).

With DTA Global Reach’s global presence, your organization can access new and existing relationships from around the world, providing your organization a competitive advantage at a fraction of the cost compared to hiring the staff, leasing office space, and funding the initiative on your own.