OEM Business Development

DTA Global Reach’s primary focus is helping organizations leverage their existing technology by creating, implementing, and supporting an OEM business strategy.  The benefit to an organization is the ability to create a long-term strategic partnership-base that creates sustainable revenue growth; typically with the organization’s existing technology (meaning no new engineering investments required).

OEM partnerships provides an organization with the benefits of:

  1. New revenue
  2. Sustainable growth
  3. Long-term relationships with recurring revenue
  4. Entry into new vertical markets
  5. Global reach via a partners existing market presence

Depending on your organization’s requirements, DTA Global Reach can provide a full range of OEM business development services, including:

  1. A global presence in key markets including Silicon Valley, Austin, Boston, London, Frankfurt, Tokyo, and Singapore.
  2. Building OEM and strategic partnerships in the Americas, APAC, and EMEA region.
  3. Productizing your technology and/or solutions.
  4. Localization (collateral, presentations, marketing, sales tools, support materials, and/or products)
  5. Specialized sales and marketing specific to the OEM market
  6. Development of marketing and lead generation programs
  7. Negotiate licensing/partnership agreements
  8. Establishing a profitable OEM and business partnership program.
  9. Establishing a “local presence” in key global markets literally overnight (human resources, physical location, telephone number, etc.)
  10. Scaled costs; reduced cost of entry.
  11. Execute on a proven model and process.
  12. Ability to grow from “virtual presence” to “full presence” as needed.

Best of all, DTA Global Reach provides you this full breadth of services, including a physical presence in key global markets, at a fraction of the cost that would normally be required to enter just one market.