Distributor Portfolio Development

Value added distributors provide an important, but time intensive, service in the industry.  The challenge for all value added distributors is not only maximizing revenue opportunities with the existing portfolio of products but finding new product offerings that can compliment the existing portfolio and generate new revenue opportunities.

An added challenge is insuring that the organization doesn’t become distracted from successfully running the business and generating sales, while identifying, evaluating, and negotiating to partnership opportunities.  This is where DTA Global Reach becomes a critical resource to a value added distributor.

DTA Global Reach works with value added distributors around the world to:

  1. Analyze their current portfolio of products,
  2. Determine complimentary products to the portfolio
  3. Locate, analyze, and validate potential products/services from vendors located around the world
  4. Negotiate distribution agreements with the vendors.

With DTA Global Reach’s global presence, value added distributors can access new and existing technologies from around the world, to give themselves a competitive advantage within their own markets, at a fraction of the cost.