Channel Development

DTA Global Reach helps organizations that have successfully built a channel in a particular geographic market expand into new geographic markets.

For example, your organization my have successfully built a channel in North America and now want to build a channel in the EMEA or APAC regions.  Or perhaps you are looking specifically at the UK or Japan for further expansion.

DTA Global Reach can be your “virtual” channel development team, and do so in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost normally associated with building new channels in new markets.  DTA Global Reach can provide a highly successful and proven team of channel development professionals to kick-start your channel development efforts in these new markets.  Sales, sales engineering, localized marketing, and even a the physical infrastructure necessary to give your organization a professional image and appearance.

Unlike other organizations that focus on lead development, DTA Global Reach works with your organization to develop a short, mid, and long term strategy for success.  Our focus isn’t on promising you 10 qualified leads (which usually means that they spoke to a live person who said “ok”).  Rather, our focus is to build your sales channel in a particular region of the world.  In short, DTA Global Reach becomes part of your sales team; driven by the same desire for success.