DTA Global Reach provides a global organization of professionals, with proven track records, located around the world in key markets.  These individuals become part of your “virtual” business development team.  The DTA Global Reach team has over 100 collective years of success.

Services include:

  1. OEM Business Development
  2. Strategic Partnership/Eco-System Development
  3. Channel Development 
  4. Distributor Portfolio Development

By leveraging DTA Global Reach’s existing infrastructure, your organization benefits from:

  1. Winning new business
  2. Maximizing revenue streams
  3. Leverage existing technology for new revenue streams
  4. Improve time to market
  5. Reduce cost of doing business
  6. Immediate use of an “A-List” of proven professionals
  7. Immediate access to key relationships and “trust”
  8. Proven experience and success; thus avoiding costly mistakes

Almost overnight, your organization can have a physical presence, with limited expense, in key markets, including Silicon Valley, Boston, London, Tokyo, and Singapore.  This includes a business address, telephones, human resources (sales, sales engineering, business development, and/or marketing), and more.

Your organization can use all or a portion of the services and individuals that make up DTA Global Reach to meet your specific needs.