About Us

DTA Global Reach is a team of high-tech industry veterans, located across the globe, that become your organization’s “virtual” business development team.  You have heard of part-time “CFO” (or “CFO for hire”) type services.  DTA Global Reach is your business development “for hire” partner.

DTA Global Reach’s team of professionals have successfully built and grown a wide range of high-tech companies that have become market leaders in their respective segments of the industry.  We have had background of successful exits including public offerings and acquisitions by companies such as Cisco, Oracle, and Blue Coat Systems.

When you work with DTA Global Reach you are working with proven professionals who have the contacts and relationships in the industry to help your organization.

DTA Global Reach offers a wide range of services focused on global:

DTA Global Reach has a physical presence in:

•  Silicon Valley, CA, USA
•  Boston, MA, USA
•  Boulder, CO, USA
•  Scottsdale, AZ, USA
•  London, England
•  Singapore
•  Tokyo, Japan

Most often organizations that have found success in a particular segment of the industry or geographic market look to DTA Global Reach for assistance in expanding into new segments of the industry and/or geographic markets through partnerships. In addition, DTA Global Reach assists organizations in leveraging their intellectual property for the purpose of generating new revenue streams.

Organizations can leverage DTA Global Reach’s global presence at a fraction of the usual cost of hiring a new team of individuals, setting up a physical presence, et cetra.

Although not a comprehensive list, we have successful developed partnerships with companies such as: